About Us

An adult works to perfect the environment, a child works to perfect himself.
-Maria Montessori

Welcome to Temple Beth Shmuel Montessori School!

On behalf of our staff, we would like to extend a warm greeting to our new families. It is our hope that our families become actively involved in their child's school experience. Each child is exposed to a wide array of learning activities and materials designed to engage their abilities and encourage their natural interest in exploring the world.

Our goals are to develop self-esteem, order, independence and respect in our students for themselves, for others and for their environment. Our staff is prepared to reach these goals by recognizing each child's sensitive periods, which are periods of intense fascination when learning a particular characteristic or skill and, as always, each child will learn at his/her own pace. A Montessori classroom is aesthetically pleasing and encourages a child's purposeful movement at all times. We at TBS Montessori have created an environment that will foster your child's academic, social, and emotional needs.

Thank you for allowing us to join with you in providing for a caring, nurturing and loving atmosphere for your child's education.

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