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A Montessori Education

"From the moment the child enters the classroom, each step in his education is seen as a progressive building block, ultimately forming the whole person, in the emergence from childhood to adult. All focus is on the needs of the child."
- Maria Montessori

In her experiences working with children, Maria Montessori - a physician specializing in both pediatrics and psychiatry - found that learning is a natural process. She believed that every child has within himself an innate desire to learn, and if given the right tools and guidance, he will develop to his potential.

In a Montessori classroom, every exercise, every method and every piece of equipment takes advantage of a child's inherent desire to learn. A Montessori Environment is a place where two basic needs of the developing child are met: one need is for a bonding relationship between adult and child, and the other need is support for a growing sense of self through observation and a simple and orderly environment.

In our school, specifically, children:

  1. Freely choose an activity within a highly structured environment. Children concentrate better when they are interested in the activity with which they are working.
  2. Work at their own pace.
  3. Work with developmentally-appropriate, self-correcting and multisensory materials.
  4. Develop gross-motor and fine-motor skills.
  5. Develop all their senses in a natural way.
  6. Work in a multi-age grouping that enhances cooperation, not competition. By teaching the younger children, the older ones reinforce the skills they have learned. Children learn best from each other.
  7. Learn best by doing, by exploring their environment.
  8. Are encouraged to use their imagination and curiosity.
  9. Become independent, self-confident and self-directed workers.
  10. Are taught to pay emphasis to the process they follow to do an activity and not on the product or outcome.
  11. Are given assistance only when they need to or desire it.
  12. Are encouraged to repeat the same activity until they do it correctly, which allows for concentration to occur.

Students practice lessons in practical skills, sensorial skills, math, language, science, history, geography, art, writing and music. Following Maria Montessori's philosophy, all children are taught by moving from concrete to abstract concepts. They also learn by example to practice kindness, compassion, respect and peace.

Students are encouraged to develop independence, self-sufficiency and self-confidence in their classrooms. In doing so, they leave TBS Montessori with a solid academic and social foundation that will support and nurture creativity, independent thinking and intellectual curiosity throughout their lives.

Together with the guidance of our trained, experienced, and loving staff, we nurture in each child a positive self-image and a love of learning.

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